SUPER P-TORU Aoko(Algal-bloom) Buster


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What is Algal Bloom?

Eutrophic substances such as phosphorus flowing into rivers or lakes generate a layer of algae that looks like green powder or paint spread on the surface of the water. This phenomenon is called “Algal bloom (aoko).”
When Algal bloom covers the surface, weeds in the water cannot photosynthesize, and wither away. In addition, the respiration of Algal bloom consumes oxygen in the water, causing fish to die from lack of oxygen. Thus, Algal bloom could destroy the ecosystem.

Source of Phosphorus

What is Phosphorus [P]?

Phosphorus is a component of human bones and teeth. It is also involved in energy metabolism and generation of neural transmitter substances and is essential to create vital substances such as genes and DNA.
Phosphorus is also indispensable as a nutrient for wild plants and agricultural crops. However, when a large amount of phosphorus flows into rivers or lakes, it contaminates the water environment.

Methods to Remove and Collect Phosphorus

New Method

What is Super P Toru?

Super P Toru is a water decontaminator that creates a beautiful water environment in rivers and lakes by using nature-friendly materials to control water bloom without any additional burden on the environment.

Expected Effect

Before After

Fact Data

Total Phosphorus


Pond on a Golf Course


Spec and Price List

P-TYPE Product Name Part No. Size (length x width)
Super P Toru (Flat) PH-050 50cm x 50cm
NP-TYPE Product Name Part No. Size (length x width)
Super P Toru (Cylinder) PT-100 5cm x 100cm
Super P Toru (Cylinder) PT-050 5cm x 50cm
Super P Toru (Cylinder) PT-010 5cm x 10cm
Super P Toru (Cylinder) PM-010 5cm x 10cm
SUMICROBE Part No. Size (length x width) Product Image
No.5 50cm x 100cm
No.7 50cm x 100cm
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